ESSENTIAL REWARDS aka ER is the cornerstone of your Young Living organization.  There is no better loyalty program around and if people are aware of it they will sign up.  I will admit I was terrified to mention it to people when I just started the business side, like many people I had signed up for autoship programs in the past and ended up having to make 3 phone calls, kick a wall, donate plasma and recite The Pledge of Allegiance backwards to get out of it.  These days I have upped my customer service game and understand that I am doing them a DISSERVICE by NOT telling them about ER.  

Here is basically how I do it...

Typically we have spoken back and forth about oils because I have been checking in.

The member will mention they are out of something or are going to order and BOOM I say...


I come back with the ER graphic

and I say...


Honestly friends it has been that simple because they TRUST me.  I have been with them every step of the way so they know I wouldn't talk them into something that wasn't for them.  


There are a million different ways to have the conversation. Postcard, phone call, quick text...doesn't matter. Just don't make them miss out! It benefits your business and their budget.  It makes sense.