Alyssa Espinoza

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Hey Friend Hey!

I’m Alyssa.

I have been an oily fanatic since 2015 and you could say, I’m kind of obsessed!

I run on kindness, coffee, lipstick, and essential oils.

Animal advocate since day one.

I’m a dreamer with some amazing dance moves {insert sarcastic face here}.

Music can turn any day around for me.

Vino has my whole heart.

If you have a dog, lets hang out.

If you have a cow, that’s even better.

Hanson’s number one “MMMBOPPER.”

Walkin’ by faith.

Running is my escape.

Research queen.

These ears are made for listening.

I think I am hilarious and I am sure you will think the same, try me!

Undercover hippie.

My world runs on sarcasm and laughter.


Excited to find your perfect blend and introduce you to the oily goodness.

Let’s get you hooked!

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