Ashley Davidson

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Hey there! My name is Ashley. I have the most amazing husband and soon to be teen daughter! They are my world. I am a very positive person. To the point that I tend to annoy some people! I love all animals even though I am allergic to most. I am absolutely fascinated and in love with nature! I love being outside in the middle of nature. It’s peaceful and therapeutic! Nature is what led me to Essential Oils.

I had surgery in 2012 and after that my immune system was horrible. I was getting sick all the time. I swear if someone just started talking about being sick I would get sick. It sucked! I was eating healthy, taking vitamins and exercising. I was still getting sick! I started researching natural ways to help boost my immune. That’s when I found information about Thieves essential Oil. I had to try it! I’m glad I did! I rarely ever get sick now and when I do it doesn’t last long! Essential Oils are the support my body needed to stay healthy!

I now use my oils all day every day! They have helped me and my family so much. I can’t imagine being without them! I love helping people! This is why I love Young Living! I love being able share these amazing oils with others and helping them in their oil journey! I am looking forward to help and guide you on your oil journey also!!!

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