I began the essential oil journey in 2016 and was a bit skeptical on its healing powers but instantly became hooked! I wanted a healthy way of treating allergies for my 28 year-old special needs son and maintaining overall health wellness for my family and a close friend turned me onto Essential Oils. I haven't looked back.

I practice essential oils in my every day routine, from diffusing while working out of my home office and at night for a restful sleep, to creating roller balls for allergy symptoms and overall wellness and taking capsules for energy. Although my oil journey has essentially just begun, I continue to be amazed of the wonderful benefits and am very excited about continuing the journey and learning new things every day!

My family members call me the ‘witch doctor’ and are now true believers as well as they have approached me with different ailments.  I’m happy to help in any way that I can.  I’m very thankful for Young Living oils and look for the opportunity to share my essential oil experiences with you. 

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