Peace & Calming Hoarding Time!



Peace and Calming limit of one per account has changed to 3 per account until March 31st. 

Not sure what the fuss is about?  Why does everyone freak out with all the heart eyes when someone says Peace and Calming?   

Are your kids wild?  Do you not sleep restfully?  Do you kinda need to say "serenity now" 100 times a day?  Well then get yourself some P&C...not just 3.  It will go out of stock and you will be sad. Real sad. 

Peace ✔


Hoarder stash for dry spells✔✔👐

Here are the details of this promo:

1. Begins 12:00 AM (MST) on March 17th and ends 11:59 PM (MST) on March 31st.

2. Limit of 3 bottles per account. Any bottles you already ordered this month count towards that limit of 3.

3. You CAN add them to your ER order.

4. You cannot redeem ER points to purchase.

5. This is a US only promotion.