Let's talk classes!  Teaching a class sounds daunting.  I get it.  I was TERRIFIED.  I learned really quickly that I was putting a LOT more pressure on myself than my guests did.  You don't need to do anything extravagant.  Bake some peppermint brownies, turn on your diffuser, pass out pens and notepads and GO!  Your friends just want to hear from you.  Tell your story. 


Diamond Katie Ganger was able to book class after class using a simple system she describes HERE.

Workshop Warriors  is a facebook group with tips, tricks and ideas for in home classes and vendor events. 


In home classes are not the ONLY way to get oils into the hands of our friends.  Sometimes we just are not local or we are extreme introverts and the thought of peopling makes us feel pukey.  I won't say which is accurate for me.  The perfect solution to this is ONLINE classes!  Doing a private online 101 is a great way to share your love of oils with those with lives to hectic to attend an in person class...your Aunt Sue in Texas...or your BFF and a few of her friends that are interested but can never get their schedules to align. Your enroller will totally help you throw it together and there are even shareable scripts with images that are available to you!  Some even do the classes via Facebook Live in the small group they set up for the class!  How fun is that? People love the interaction and feel like they know you.


Whatever you decide to do reach out for help.  You have no clue how much your upline wants you to succeed. Don't let fear stand in your way of growing.  You can do hard, scary things.