Here is everything you wanted to know and more about the Compensation Plan!  Just looking at the picture kinda will make your head hurt but luckily many of the leaders above us took the time to break it down and make it all make sense. 

We have access to some really great training videos made by our awesome upline Lindsay Moreno.  Lindsay started The Lemon Dropper Revolution in 2013 and has been unstoppable ever since.  You can read more about her journey HERE. Her group is The Lemon Droppers and you can find those training videos HERE.  If the link does not open message your upline to get added to The Lemon Droppers group on Facebook!  

   There videos were made by Monique McLean.  She is also in our upline.   These videos cover the same things as Lindsay's videos but maybe in a different way that you connect to.  Some people need to hear things explained a different way so I included her videos as well as the infographics that follow along.  


If you want some more in depth info here are a few links to check out.  These were live videos done by Jake Dempsey who created Oily Tools.  He is BRILLIANT with the Comp Plan and making it make sense.  He also wrote a book simplifying the comp plan.  you can find singles HERE or buy in bulk HERE.   Monique McLean also made a reference book to go along with her videos.  You can buy a 10 pack HERE.


Click below to follow through a series of infographics on the comp plan