Do you love free stuff?  Everyone does! Young Living has set up an AMAZING program to help you collect #allthefreebies each month!  This program is called Essential Rewards or it is commonly referred to as just ER.  Essential Rewards is Young Living's auto-ship program.  Please do not run away kicking and screaming when you hear the dreaded word "auto-ship".  Hear us out for just a few more seconds. We have all fallen victim to the never ending auto-ship cancel but they missed the memo and now you have piles of product you don't even use and got hit with an overdraft because you did not expect that charge to hit your account.   Raise your hand if this has happened to you. {Sheepishly raises hand} Let's check out Young Livings ER program and how it can get you freebies in your pocket and not be like those other times.

1. Points

Let's chat about this point situation.  Ok so Young Living is so super generous that they will give you back a percentage of your monthly purchase.  The percentages earned are crazy good.  Think about it, your 4th month if you place your $50/50 pv order you will get back $10/10 pv in points to use on other products. That is enough for at least 30 different YL products just in one month! 
1-3 months = 10%
4-24 months = 20% (WHAT?!)
25+ months = 25%

2. Gifts

Here’s another amazing thing that  Young Living is doing to show their appreciation to everyone for being part of Essential Rewards: They’re giving us gifts!   Here’s how the ER Gifts timetable works:

3 months continuously enrolled in ER - 5 ml Peppermint Vitality

6 months continuously enrolled in ER - 5 ml Thieves

9 months continuously enrolled in ER - 15 ml Tea Tree 

12 months continuously enrolled in ER - Exclusive blend Loyalty

You CANNOT buy this blend, it was created by Gary Young to say thank you for your loyalty!!!

You will receive annual gifts every year after as well!

How great is that? Not only do we get higher percentages earned through this crazy legit ER program, but we get gifts too! Who doesn’t love gifts? 

3. Reduced Shipping

Shipping cost are a total drag!  ER members get discounted shipping!  $5.99 for up to a 5 pound package! 

4. Exclusive ER Bonus Promos

Every month YL offers incredible free items with certain dollar amounts spent.  They always throw in extra oils that only those that take advantage of ER can get.  

5. Low Monthly Minimum

You won't have to sell a limb to keep up with your monthly commitment. $50/50 pv is all that is required to remain active in the Essential Rewards program.

6. Change It Up

This is not your momma's auto-ship!  You can change what you receive every month up until midnight the day you are due to process. I find myself changing my order all of the time. I could never commit to the same thing EVERY month.   You can also change the date as often as you want.  Need something STAT? Great force it through today.  Don't need anything just yet? (does that happen?) Great, move your date to the end of the month.  It is super easy to navigate and ridiculously flexible.  Another reason we love it so much! 

7. No Strings Attached

Really. Swear.  There is no contract.  No crazy hoops to jump through.  You call.  They cancel.  You won't want to though.  We're certain. It's too legit to quit.