mama to three beautiful monsters. forever grateful to my handsome husband [who makes so many coffee runs]. oldest daughter to the very best example of love and family. sister to four beautiful humans. and a whole bunch of super fun in laws that deal with us on the daily 😉 dunkin coffee addict. queen of cancelled plans. unseen to do lists. forgotten laundry. novice photographer. educator. soul searcher. over analyzer. mason jar hoarder.

but even more that i am just a girl. on a mission to love herself as much as she loves others. to find my purpose and give others the resources + support to find theirs. i am sensitive and stubborn. i lose my patience more times than i'd like to admit. anxiety has crippled me of my own thoughts more times that I can count. but i'm learning that i'm stronger than that. anxiety doesn't define me. post partum is real. it is ok to ask for help. to need emotional support. to lose yourself as long as you decide to find it again. i am now on a journey to a life filled with wellness, purpose and abundance. come along with me. let's oil up, drink up, and dig deep together.

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