Currently starring in my own reality show titled "Broker by Day: Master of Cleaning up Threenager's Pee by Night." Seriously though, little boys make giant messes and between no aim and distractions, we have a lot of pee missing the pot at our house. Thank goodness for all tile back splash, lemon, theives and purification.

I was introduced to all the oils (which I affectionately refer to as my coveted witchcraft) and have never turned back.

I've even got a portable diffuser in my office to use everyday. I'll switch it up depending on what the day calls for. Tons of meetings? Spearmint to uplift my energy. Stressed out with deadlines? Peace and calming to the rescue. I'm known as our resident office oiler, and I'm proud of it.

Now, if I could only figure out how to make it socially acceptable to spray others with my witchcraft to calm them down while plowing through Costco aisles....that'd be great.

Till then, I'll wear my own blends, diffuse at home/work, and keep my sanity, all while rocking this thing called life.

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