Oh hey there, it's me - the original O/A Canadian!

I'm an oil lover, boy mama, medical social worker living on the Wet Coast, aka Vancouver Canada. I'm here to help bring any curious Canadians into the oily light so that we can all enjoy natural health and well-being, and be a part of this amazing oil family, no matter where you live!

My obsession with all things citrus and all things lavender is deep. Like BFF deep. It's surpassed only by my obsession with anything purple, oh and maybe my love for my family.

My oily journey started when I wanted to find a more natural way to support my mental health. Stress, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, you name it I've faced it. My mental health was affecting my physical health and I knew it was time to try something new. Things have spiraled from there into an absolute passion to reduce toxins from my life, and tap into the amazing power of essential oils!

My message to you is this: Make your choices based on your hopes, not on your fears.

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