I started as a Distributor with Young Living in December 2014. I was interested in looking for help with my tossing and turning all night, my out of control monthly female issues and my husband's back troubles. But my first success with Young Living Essential Oils was using Thieves every day. I commute on public transportation every day to my day job. We all know that adults are often worse than kids with sharing their germs. I started using Thieves and didn't miss a day all through the Fall and Winter months, not one day. I consider that a HUGE success.

I’ve always been that girl who thought there was a better way other than prescriptions or OTC medications to fix things. So the oils were a natural step for me. My sleep was jacked. My PMS symptoms were crazy out of control and I had resorted to pain meds (lots of them). I decided to give the oils a try since doctors only wanted to give me prescriptions or surgery.

First I decided to tackle my sleep issues. I was to the point where I was only sleeping a couple hours a night. I would go to bed early but if anything disturbed me I was tossing and turning for the rest of the night. Most nights I felt like I was having a conversation with myself all night long. My brain just wouldn’t shut off. I began experimenting with a few different diffuser combos and finally found my magic. I’m now sleeping soundly all night long.

Once I proved that these oils worked I began on the biggest area of my life that was out of whack. TMI warning!! Cramps, moodiness, and all that goes with that time of the month were driving me and my husband nuts. This has been a year-long process but I finally am able to go through the month without one single OTC pill, cramps are minimal, and I’m much less moody than I used to be.

Finding more natural ways to deal with every day issues is why I turned to Young Living. Staying married, not annoying my husband are bonuses.

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