I tried for 4 days to type up a bio on myself. I failed. My sweet sweet Husband was MORE than happy to muster one up for me...

Hi. I'm Meg Oeser, and I think I'm like super pretty.
I'm creepily obsessed with this oil gig.
I'm not good at taking care of my Husband...or cooking...or being on time. Mostly, anything domestic.
I could live solely off of salsa and tacos, but only if it's taken a bath in sour cream.
Sour cream makes me poo.
I have 6 kids that I like sporadically thru the day, but mostly while they are sleeping.
I like jelly beans more than I like 4 of my kids, but I like Malibu and coffee more than all 6.
One time I lost my car. It was 5 houses away...running for 7 hours🤔
I do Pilates when I don't cancel.
I drive my kids to the wrong school more often than I tell people.
I'm pretty funny.
But I cuss a lot.
I want my husband to hate me, so I stopped shaving my legs...amongst other things.
And, as the ultimate sign of being a super classy lady, I eat beef jerky off of my belly button...and in the shower.
I worry about other people's problems before my own, so I basically have a lot of problems.

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