Sherrie Kukulski

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Hi There!!! My name is Sherrie and I went from an Essential Oil Skeptic to Essential Oil Junkie overnight. I am a wife, mother, friend, realist, source of comic relief, sarcastic, always willing to listen and the last person to stand behind a product unless I truly believe in it.

My Young Living journey began when my once great sleeper turned into the opposite. For almost a year, my four year old was up no less than four times a night. When she was asleep, she would cry and talk in her sleep constantly. After trying almost everything short of medication... I tried Young Living oils. The first night that I diffused them in her room, she slept the entire night. I was not convinced at that point that it was the oils that were helping. After two weeks of great sleep (for all of us), I became passionate about the oils. Its funny what sleep will do for a person!!

I am excited to learn new things I can do with my oils. My Essential Rewards allows me to stock up on any and every oil I could ever imagine. I have become quite the chemist, following recipes, mixing oils and creating my own blends. And, for whatever reason, I am still so shocked when the oils work.

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