YAY!  You did it!  There is such a rush to hooking someone up with a kit!  You know that your work paid off, you just helped a friend down a path that can only make their life better AND you made 50 smackers! YASSSSSSSSSSSS!  Once you calm down there are a few things you should do.

First, add them to our chat group This is How we OIL and tag them in THIS FILE.

I always tell my members to tell me when they get their kit so I can walk them through it.  As soon as they message me I give them a diffuser combo immediately.  Typically if it is early morning I will say  "Go put 2 drops each lavender, lemon and peppermint in the diffuser right now!"   If it is early evening I suggest 2 drops each lavender and stress away and then I tell them to drag the diffuser to their bedroom to finish that off or to try a dab of lavender and frank to their wrists and bottom of big toes.  The next morning I will check in and say something like "soooooooooooo how did it go?"  Usually I get good news and then I will give them an awesome combo to start their day with.  Occasionally they will say it did not work, I just encourage them to try again or offer another option.  I think because I check in so much they have no problem reaching out and asking questions. I answer them quickly and if I don't have personal experience I will send a link from a post in This Is How We OIL.  Usually during one of many conversation they will say they need more of an oil or want to order more.  I will send them the ER graphic and say "DO THIS!" and 100% of the time...they DO!  They trust me because I am always there to help them.  

I promise if you take care of your people they will take care of you.  They will become loyal customers, they will send their friends, they will join the business with you.  

I mail out a welcome packet to my members. This varies depending on what I have on hand but typically will include some capsules, a packet of carrier oil (Trader Joe carries mini coconut oil packets) some printed materials, (more on this HERE) a few roller bottles,  some super cute labels, an ER postcard and a handwritten thank you note.  If you cannot afford to send a gift try to do your best to send a thank you card and email them a welcome packet

Here is an idea of what your follow up could look like.  I do not follow this exactly because I am more of a winger but I am 100% on top of my people and their needs!  HERE is a pdf copy for you to print out and use for your members if you would like!