Hey! Hey! I’m Tina Rae. Famous poet. Clearly. Master of “Joe Mama”, “That’s what she said” and “Dad-style” jokes. Mom/Dad/Confidant of two boys. That means I’m a solo parent. Doer of many things. Master of none. Daily passenger on the struggle bus. Limited Edition. Crafty but not 100% confident in my skills. Awkward compliment receiver. Convinced women are the stronger species. Fluent in hashtags, sarcasm, and Gifs. Inventor of really fantastic bad ideas. Golden Girls Fanclub President. Left-handed. Retired Hair Stylist.Former workaholic. Lover of YL essential oils circa 2015. Reality show junkie. Loser of brain cells every time someone says “I seen”. Newly vegan. Fantastic advice giver. Horrible advice follower. Ride or die friend that has ride or die friends. Homebody. HULU obsessed. Keeps Amazon Prime profitable. Corner-stander in social settings. Knows the earth will one day be a paradise. Believer of not giving up on your dreams. Just keep sleeping.

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