Step 1) Make sure Member is clicked and highlighted in blue.  If the box is not checked or if it is greyed out (like retail customer box is seen above) then just click on the member box to make it selected. 

Step 2) Select your country and language.

Step 3) Make sure my 7 digit member number is in this box.  To make sure what my 7 digit number is, head back to my profile picture and check under Member Number.  Then hit continue if everything is correct :)

Step 5 ) Make sure my name is here

Step 6) Make sure my member number (same one from the page before) is here

Step 7) If everything looks correct press Continue.  If there is another persons name in 5 or my member number is not correct click the little box that says, "I prefer a different enroller/sponsor..." and it will take you back to the previous page to make your changes.  If you need a reminder of my name or my member number you can look me up HERE.

Step 8) This step is the most exciting step...Choosing your diffuser!!!  Default checked will be the the Dew Drop Diffuser set at the price of $160.  Your other options are the Aria ($260), Rainstone($205), or if you click that blue arrow button it will expose the home diffuser ($160) option.  If you need a rundown of the diffuser bullet points you can brows over them HERE.


Step 9) This section is to enroll in our Essential Rewards program.  As amazing as this program is, at this time there is no need for you to worry about this section.  Please keep scrolling to the bottom of the page.  If you are interested in learning more about Young Livings Essential Rewards program I am happy to fill you in on the goods 😉

Step 10) There are 2 options for step 10.  You can either add more product to your Premium Starter Kit order by clicking the green "ADD MORE PRODUCTS" or you can continue on with your Premium Starter Kit purchase and begin creating your member account and press the blueish/greenish button that says "NEXT"

Step 11) This is just confirming that step that I wanted you to skip a few pages back.  Click "CONTINUE ENROLLMENT" to proceed with checkout.  If you want to change your diffuser you can click the green button on the left that says "CHOOSE A KIT" to head back to the diffuser options.

Step 12) This step is all about filling in your personal information.  This is the first step in creating your account. Be truthful in all of your answers.  Your email will be used as a form to sign in if you ever want to order more products and where you will get notifications about your account.  Make sure you provide an email that you actually use so to not create a headache later.

Note: YL never calls you on the phone unless there is a customer service situation and you have requested them to contact you.

Note 2: Adding a Co-Applicant account is usually used to add your spouse.  Sometimes couples go into the Young Living business together and since couples can only collect one pay check/one account, this is the way to add the spouse along for the journey.  For further explanation on this matter you can check in the policies and procedures or contact your enroller and they would be happy to give you further details.  A spouse can be added at a later date if circumstances change, so do not feel like you need to make the decision right at the start if you want a Co-Applicant or not on your account.

Step 13) BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS SECTION GET A PEN AND PAPER......go ahead i'll it? Okay, good!  Here is where you are going to want to write down all of the information you create in this section.  Username, password and pin.  Your pin is really important.  There are times where you would like to call or get a hold of customer service, could be something about an order, a business move, or any other small things-BUT if you or anyone else calls for you customer service will request your 4-digit pin.  Make sure it is something you are going to remember. Write all of this information down and KEEP IT! You will need it at some point in time-trust me.

STEP 14- Commission Processing information gets everyone hot and bothered.  This section is ONLY used for those that pursue the business side to Young Living.  Let me be clear-this is not a catch, this is not a trick-YOU NEVER HAVE TO SELL A THING FOR YOUNG LIVING. I'm going to repeat that "You never have to sell a thing for, Young Living." It is a natural progression for most members because their friends start asking to use their oils then they just want their own.  Doing the business side is fun and has been a blessing to so many members of our team.  I like free oils so that's is why I do it, because let's face it-free oils are good. #amiright? But, that being said it is required to enter in to the wholesale membership.  Young Living ONLY uses your tax information to pay you.  If you never sell anything it will never be used.  If you do begin selling, Young Living sends you a 1099 if you have received $600 or more during the year.  If you have anymore questions be sure to contact the person that sent you here and they can help answer any questions you may have.  Once you have entered your tax info be sure to accept the terms and conditions by checking the box that the arrow is pointing to then press the "Agree and Continue" button.

STEP 15- Click the box! You can read all of the Policies, Member Agreement, and Compensation plan just above the box.  If you ever want to read them again they will be under Member Resources in the virtual office. Then click Agree and Continue.

Step 16) This is where you choose how quickly you will receive your order.  This does not include processing time! We believe the best form of shipping is the FedEx or UPS Ground or the 3 day shipping.  If you choose the Smart Post it can take quite a while to receive your package, but is still a cheap option.

Step 17) Enter your shipping address here

Step 18) Enter your credit card information here

Step 19) Click next to continue (this does not finalize your payment-next page you will review everything before you submit your payment)

Step 20) Check all the information in these columns are correct! If they are not you can hit the back button

Step 21) Finalize your order!!!! Yay!!! Then it's not in the steps but I think you should do a little happy dance!  Your kit should arrive within 2 weeks, and when it does I want to know so I can help you unbox your kit and help you get started.  Once again-Congrats on joining our little oily team.  I'm so excited you are here and cannot wait to share this experience with you